Hunt, Gather, Parent

27 Mar 2021

Hunt, Gather, Parent is the best parenting book I have read so far. It has many faults and I don't think you should just follow her advice, but you should read this book if you are interested in parenting philosophies. There are similarities to Emily Oster (Expecting Better) and Pamela Druckerman (Bringing up Bebe) in style and content but it is unique nonetheless.

All of these books really want to give you some bullet points for you to put on your refrigerator or talk about in a book club and I can't stand that. This book has an acronym TEAM which she uses to guide you through different parenting styles around the world. It is worth it to explore these different styles and understand what is possible to borrow from them.

My biggest issue with this book is the only superficial discussion of how these different parenting styles are appropriate in certain environments but not in others. The ability to give young children extreme amounts of autonomy is hampered by certain realities of modern cities. She also does not go into some of the negative consequences in rural third world settings of that autonomy.

You should read this book, but it is okay to be critical of the prescriptions as well as flexible in the understanding that rural Kenya and Santa Monica, CA have some differences.

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