03 Apr 2019

Category: book

Tags: book, fiction, good, scifi

I enjoyed Ready Player One so much that I knew I was going to read Armada eventually. A great idea, executed okay, resulting in a good book that could have been better. I assumed this would end up as a movie, but after the Ready Player One fiasco who knows.

The government and scientists have been preparing us for the reality of aliens invading through movies and video games. Aliens finally decide to show up and attack and video game players have to use those skills to save the planet. I love the idea. The way the book played out was great until the last quarter or so when things were rushed and not believable. Given so much suspension of disbelief already that is saying a lot. However, it is the human elements that are not believable rather than the science. I would have been willing to go through many more pages to get a better ending, but I am not sure exactly how it could have been pulled off anyway.

This is definitely a fun read and will be enjoyable especially for those in the generation that Ready Player One spoke to.

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