The Real Lolita

06 Feb 2019

I still need to read Lolita. It is one of the only audiobooks that I have ever made it all the way through and actually felt like I followed what was happening. I can still hear Jeremy Irons' voice in my head reading the book. The Real Lolita is a non-fiction look at a real crime that took place in 1948-1950 and how it influenced Lolita.

The most interesting part of this book was how much Nabokov and his wife tried to evade any connection between art and real life. They constantly denied that Lolita had any basis in something that might have actually happened. And yet this book makes a pretty compelling case that not only is the real case similar in many ways to the fictional one, but also that Nabokov definitely knew about it and left clues throughout Lolita as to the connection.

If you have not read Lolita this book might not be as interesting as there are some references which you will not get. But it is nonetheless a great piece of literary detective work that one would find enjoyable even without knowing the underlying source.

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