The Danish Way of Parenting

04 Jul 2018

The last in the batch of parenting books that I bought, The Danish Way of Parenting turns to Denmark as a bastion of happiness to explain why the country is so generally happy by placing the blame on their unique parenting style. Obviously the authors don't claim this is the only reason, but it stands to reason that a homogenous country might have developed a relatively homogenous parenting style.

The book is quite short and easy to read. They also have a website which has some extra information related to the book. It reads as if they had something like a short pamphlet which they fleshed out into a book. This isn't necessarily bad, just saying that it is not of the same caliber of story or material as say Bringing Up Bebe.

There is an acronym that drives this book: PARENT. Play. Authenticity. Reframing. Empathy. No Ultimatums. Togetherness and Hygge. I won't recount the whole book, but I agree with most of what they say and it jives pretty well with Bringing Up Bebe and The Blessing of a Skinned Knee. It is worth reading mostly because it only takes a couple hours and the material is easy to digest and see how you can implement it. I would say that this book could be expanded quite a bit and the writing could be quite a bit better.

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