American Gods

14 Jun 2018

Category: book

Tags: book, fiction, good, scifi

American Gods made its way on to my reading list again for some unknown reason. I think someone asked me if I liked Neil Gaiman and as usual I said "Who?" This is a road trip book at its core as well as a book about American culture.

I enjoyed this book, it was well written and had a fun story. I really did not enjoy the chapter lengths. For some reason, I read books with long chapters really slowly. I have a feeling it is not the chapter length per se, but rather long chapters are indicative of the flow of the story. If you can't tick off landmarks on a regular basis it usually means the story is complex in how it unfolds. This definitely fit that bill.

I recommend this book, and I may pick up another Neil Gaiman book in the future, but it was definitely a slog.

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