09 Mar 2018

Category: book

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Horns is a wonderful dark comedy by Joe Hill. This one was recommended to me by my wife while we were walking in Washington D.C. and came across a free library on the sidewalk. I can't remember if this book was in there or not, but I think possibly one of his other books, NOS4A2, was in there. It led to this discussion about Horns, Stephen King, the movie based on the book, and the entire genre of american horror. I am really quite pleased that I got around to reading this as soon as I did because I am for sure going to add the rest of his books to my reading list.

There is just enough fantasy in this book to make the ridiculous situation seem plausible if you are willing to just accept what is going on. Thematically I really got into this book. The basic gist being that some guy is maybe the devil or a demon so he has horns growing out of his head. The horns seem to have a power over people that make them tell him their darkest secrets. It makes you think what you would confess in that situation. Usually people are confessing what they want to do in that moment, but sometimes it has to do with things they've done in the past. I would like to think that I am not too ashamed of my past self, but there certainly has to be some stuff that would not be great to share.

I am looking forward to his other books and I would highly recommend this one. It is a quick and hilarous read.

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