The Drawing of the Three

16 May 2017

Category: book

Tags: book, fiction, good, scifi

I guess I am reading the Dark Tower series now, so this was the second installment, The Drawing of the Three. Having enjoyed the first book, but armed with the knowledge that they only get better, I dove into this supremely strange book. Part of my plan was to get through most of these books before seeing the movie, and based on my current pace I might get through one or two more.

The first book was odd, but nowhere near as much as the second. It appears that things are just getting going, so probably the oddities are just beginning. Nevertheless, this is a good book. I would not call it great, but that might change after reading more of the books. I was left with so many questions that it is hard not to just go straight to book number three next. I want to spread out some of my reading, but we will see how that goes.

I recommend the series already, so get started on the first book before going to this one, and hopefully I can finish them all to really make a statement about how this fits in.

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