The Man in the High Castle

19 Jan 2016

Category: book

Tags: book, fiction, good, scifi

Amazon created a TV series semi-based on this book and it was available as part of the Unlimited Kindle reading program on Amazon, so I decided to check it out. The Man in the High Castle is a mindfuck. Seriously, I might have to read it again or just think about it for a while before I really understand what the hell happened. Nonetheless, it was pretty good.

Yet another Philip K. Dick novel where I have the distinct feeling that I do not want to read any more of his books any time soon, and yet I probably will keep reading more of them. They are not masterpieces but they really get under your skin. The Man in the High Castle on the surface is about an alternate universe where the Germans and Japanese won the war and have therefore divided up the world. The book has several characters that are existing in this world and going about their alternate universe lives. In this alternate universe there is a book about an alternate universe where the Allies won the war. So you are a reading a book in the universe where the Allies won the war about a universe where the Axis won the war which contains a book about a universe where the Allies won the war. And yet it is more complicated that even that explanation. I do not like complicated for the sake of complication; complex due to natural complexity is fine, I like that. I think this book is more on the complex side of things, but that certainly does not make it any easier to comprehend and follow.

If you like PKD then you will probably love this book, in fact you have probably already read it. Also, if you want to put some time into reading something thinking you have it all figured out until the last 20 pages when you get your world turned upside down and left hanging, then you will like this book. On the other hand, if you want something straight forward or linear to comprehend, then steer clear of this. In fact, you probabyl should stay away from PKD all together, because even if you think you understand what is going on, there is probably some underlying truth that you have yet to grasp.

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