The Moonlit Garden

13 Jan 2016

Category: book

Tags: book, fiction, history, okay

Amazon started a program called Kindle First where you can pick one of six books each month to get for free. Of the six choices for January, I decided to pick The Moonlit Garden. I probably would not have picked up this book otherwise, and after reading it I would not really jump to read something by this author again. Although the book was ultimately not bad, it was not my style and I think the overall quality of the book was mediocre.

The Moonlit Garden is essentially a novel about romance and finding oneself with a treasure hunt as the driver of the narrative. That description maybe oversells it a bit much as even that sounds more interesting to me than what this book turned out to be. I did find the book to be enjoyable in that I was invested enough to want to find out how the mystery would be solved. However, the writing was a bit disjointed, and often times it lacked a clear audience. Some of the dialogue sounded like it was written for children and then other times it seemed much more for an adult audience. It really felt like she wrote parts of this, and then lost some enthusiasm as she had to finish other parts. Maybe that is just poor editing which polished certain areas more than others.

If you have a thing for female narrators going on adventures and talking about their feelings for some guy she barely knows then this book might be for you. Otherwise, I would probably skip it.

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