Bull Mountain

02 Jan 2016

Category: book

Tags: book, crime, fiction, great

Another Amazon recommendation that hit the spot, Bull Mountain is a fast paced, well written, crime thriller. The writing style is one that I personally like, where each chapter is from the perspective of a different person at a different point in time, that keeps you guessing as it revels information in little bits until the final convergence of the different threads near the end. I am really happy I started my reading year off right with this one.

I wonder how difficult it is to write a book that is highly localized if you do not live in that area or you are not from there. Much of this story revolves around the intimate knowledge of a backwater part of Georgia. I am pretty sure even if I tried there is no way I could have gotten the details just right for someone who grew up in that area. Then again, much of the details are specific enough to be any particular place that you have never been, seeing as this is a fictional area. I find that many authors set their stories near where they grew up, or in a parallel place where it makes sense to use their upbringing to fill in the gaps. It would be interesting to try to go to some area I am not from, live amongst the people for a little while, and try to write something that feels like it was written by a local. A sort of literary tourism.

Reading this much has gotten me thinking that I need to start writing fiction again. I guess I never really did that too much outside of school, but whenever I did I really enjoyed it. This blog might be a good place to write some short stories. If I can hammer something out I will throw it up here. I have a few ideas that I think would be good books, but who doesn't?

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