14 Dec 2015

Category: book

Tags: book, fiction, good, society

I have been trying to figure out how Submergence got added to my reading list and honestly I have no idea. I have a feeling this came from one of those articles about adult vs young adult books and was listed as an adult book. It is very difficult to put this book into a category. One of the descriptions on Amazon calls it "postmodern literary airport fiction" which is about as true as anything I could come up with.

I found this book to be engaging and yet asking to be taken slowly. Although I wanted to see what was going to happen next, I realized I was dragging a bit just to take in what was going on. The style is unique insofar as comparing it to the last 50 or so books I have read. There is a certain arrogance to the writing style that put me off at times, but I overcame those feelings when I realized it was probably more a latent insecurity and thus not a fault of the book.

The title is cryptic and I could not really tell you in any sort of clarity what the book is about without giving too much away and yet probably not doing it justice. It is a love story, but it is also a critique of modern society, even more a critique at times of humanity as a species. There are many meanings throughout the book of submergence, so I would just say you have to read it and decide what you think it means.

Overall, it is a short but dense novel. It can be boring at times as well as confusing mostly because of the multiple intertwined story lines at the lack of formal chapter based structure. There are miniature chapters that break up the different threads, but if you read it you will understand what I mean. At times I felt like I would call this book great, but after finishing it, I think it comes very close but I still have to throw it into the merely good category. If anything, it is good and a half.

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