03 Nov 2015

Category: book

Tags: book, fiction, good, thriller

Blowback is book four in Brad Thor's Scot Harvath series. I am not sure why I am sometimes able to suspend disbelief and sometimes I am overwhelmed with bullshit, but for some reason I have really enjoyed all of the Scot Harvath series. Blowback did not disappoint, as it was right in line with the rest of the series in terms of pacing, action, suspense, and all around fun reading.

One thing that has bothered me throughout the series, but didn't really jump out at me until this book is the way the main character approaches certain situations. He just has a way of doing and saying the wrong thing which seems so obvious to me that it is wrong. Ultimately these decisions cause some amount of trouble but lead to the desired outcome anyway. I am not saying I expect the character to be perfect, but the bad decisions he makes just seem too bad to the point of being out of character for a former DEVGRU guy.

Brad Thor keeps finding ways to introduce potential world shattering calamity in ways that are quite original. Although he did have the stereotypical Russians with nukes plot in a previous book, that was still done with a twist. This book has yet another interesting scenario that Harvath is able to essentially foil, but which had me on the edge of my seat throughout wondering just how he was going to do it.

I think this book could stand on its own, meaning that you could read and enjoy it without reading the first three, but there are still quite a bit of allusions to prior books that make reading these in order better than just randomly starting later on in the series.

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