Pretty Girls

29 Oct 2015

Category: book

Tags: book, crime, fiction, good, thriller

Since I am back on the reading train, I went all in and plowed through Pretty Girls, which I decided to check out after an Amazon recommendation. Amazon is pretty good at guessing what I enjoy, but that should not be hard considering this is yet another book about women in relationships with psychopaths who are committing violent crimes.

I would not necessarily jump out and say I really enjoy that theme per se, however Amazon keeps recommending more of them, they keep showing up on top book lists, and they are really page turners that keep me engaged throughout.

I keep mentioning to someone that I read yet another book about women getting murdered and they keep saying that I am a weirdo for reading these books. However, I am really starting to think that the general reading population is actually just going down this darker path recently. Gone Girl is probably the most well known of the books of this ilk, but there are many more just like it, both that I have read and that I have not. These are best sellers with a similar theme of women being in bad relationships and young girls being murdered. The main characters are women and the authors are women. I have a feeling that the majority of the readers are also women as it may be easier for them to identify with the characters especially as topics of mother/daughter and sister/sister relationships are often times central to the plot.

I would not be surprised if this book gets turned in to a movie, although there is a lot of internal dialogue that would need to be dealt with. I found it to be a very good book, a bit repeatative at times, but overall definitely worth reading.

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