State of the Union

09 Jul 2015

Category: book

Tags: book, fiction, good, thriller

I decided to put State of the Union on my reading list after reading a couple of the other Scot Harvath books. I have to say the first two were better than this one, but this one was still pretty good.

The premise of this novel was more far fetched than the others although I guess in some way plausible enough after suspending a bit of disbelief. I know so much of this book is not close to being realistic but whatever it was still a quick, enjoyable read. The one issue with this book compared to the first one or two in the series is that it felt rushed. It was a bit shorter than the others and everything wrapped up in a very hurried way. I think I will still add at least one more of these to my list to see if the trend in quality continues down or picks back up.

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