Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep

08 Jul 2015

Category: book

Tags: book, fiction, great, scifi

Another science fiction book, another one in the class of important scifi books, but this one, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, I think is very good, unlike my opinion of Neuromancer.

I decided to read this book because it is well known as one of the better sci fi books out there, not to mention Philip K. Dick is considered one of the better authors of the past 50-60 years or so. I also knew that it was the basis for the movie Blade Runner, which I saw a long, long time ago and have been meaning to watch again. I figured I would read the book before watching the movie again.

There is good character development, an interesting and novel plot, and enough twists and turns to keep one interested. It is a good book in itself but even more so within the sci fi genre. I think I will probably try to explore more of Philip K. Dick's books.

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