See How Small

30 Jan 2015

Category: book

Tags: book, fiction, crime, okay

See How Small is Amazon's Spotlight pick for January 2015, whatever that means. Basically, there was a list on Amazon of books and I picked this one seemingly at random. It was okay, not good, not bad, just okay.

The book has an interesting premise, crimes against little girls seems to be a theme this January. The writing was trying too hard at times to be overly literary. It was distracting from the point and made it difficult to follow what was really going on. Now I know that can sometimes be an artistic style, but I don't think it worked that well in this book.

The worst part about this book is that it is almost like a snapshot of some people's lives. There wasn't a clear delineation between acts. No crescendo. No real twists or turns. It was just kind of a slice of life with some fucked up shit going on. Well I personally don't think it is that fucked up, but most people who characterize it as such.

I would not really recommend this book, unless you are really bored and don't mind not really finding any closure. I mean the main event that spurs most of the plot is not even described well enough to really get a full picture of what happened. The book was more frustrating to me than satisfying. But, at the same time, I wouldn't call it bad, it was still a captivating read, even though I felt let down when I was finally finished.

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