Fifty Shades of Grey

11 Jan 2015

Category: book

Tags: book, fiction, sex, okay

This may seem like a bit of an odd choice for me to read, but I've been wondering what the big fuss was about this series of books, especially now that they made this into a movie. Therefore, I decided to read Fifty Shades of Grey just to figure out what the deal is.

First, I would not really say that I recommend this book. The writing is not very good. There are many things that are unrealistic and a bit exaggerated that it was difficult to read at times. Now, these were not things related to the sex scenes, the unrealistic parts were mostly related to the internal dialogue of the main character. No one blushes as much as this girl claims to.

The book was written by a woman, from a woman's perspective, and clearly the intended audience is women. Someone can obviously write a book as a woman, from a woman's perspective, but for a gender neutral audience. Certain aspects of this book were more difficult for me to really get in to because I am male. So I can't really say how this book reads from a female perspective.

All in all, this book was actually okay. It had interesting themes which are rarely discussed in main stream literature. The writing, while terrible overall, actually got a bit better as the book went on. In fact, I think the last chapter was probably the best in the book which left me with a better impression than I had through the first half of the book.

I do not plan to read the other two books in the series. This just wasn't really my type of book, and I do not think I would get much enjoyment out of the other two. However, I would be lying if I said I was not curious to find out what happens next because this book ends in something of a cliff hanger.

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