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The War on Normal People

25 Aug 2018
book, okay, nonfiction, society

The Dispossessed

30 Apr 2018
book, fiction, great, scifi, society

The Left Hand of Darkness

01 Mar 2018
book, fiction, scifi, society, good

Down Girl

07 Feb 2018
book, great, nonfiction, philosophy, society

Between the World and Me

29 Jan 2018
book, great, life, nonfiction, society

Hillbilly Elegy

24 Dec 2017
book, good, life, nonfiction, personality, relationships, society

Fight Club

11 Jan 2016
book, fiction, great, society


14 Dec 2015
book, fiction, good, society

World War Z

25 Jul 2015
book, fiction, great, scifi, society

On the Road

12 Jun 2015
book, fiction, okay, past, society

The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace

02 Mar 2015
book, good, nonfiction, society

Silicon Wasteland

07 Jan 2015
life, work, society, musings