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Bringing Up Bébé

29 Jun 2018
book, good, life, nonfiction, parenting

Shoe Dog

12 Mar 2018
book, business, great, life, nonfiction

Between the World and Me

29 Jan 2018
book, great, life, nonfiction, society

The War of Art

21 Jan 2018
book, good, life, nonfiction

Two Years of Skydiving

15 Jan 2018

Hillbilly Elegy

24 Dec 2017
book, good, life, nonfiction, personality, relationships, society


22 May 2017
book, death, fiction, great, life

The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying

19 Sep 2016
book, good, life, nonfiction, death

Life updates

07 Aug 2016
career, life, relationships

When Breath Becomes Air

27 Apr 2016
book, good, life, nonfiction

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

29 Mar 2016
book, great, life, nonfiction

The Bell Jar

29 Feb 2016
book, fiction, good, life

The Goldfinch

23 Feb 2016
book, fiction, great, life


30 Jan 2016
book, fiction, good, life

Year In Review

01 Jan 2016


08 Nov 2015
book, good, life, nonfiction, personality


06 Jun 2015
book, good, nonfiction, personality, life

Silicon Wasteland

07 Jan 2015
life, work, society, musings

End of an era

19 Dec 2014
life, moving, relationships

10 ways Facebook is actually the devil

04 Jul 2014
life, facebook, clowntown

Everything Quiet

21 Jun 2014
life, introversion, personality

Something new

03 May 2014
life, career, work, facebook

Filling in the gap - Work

02 Jan 2014
life, past