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Give People Money

20 Nov 2018

Give People Money is yet another book on Universal Basic Income. The writing is decent, the range of topics is worthy, and if you know nothing else about a UBI or programs like it then this is a great read. However, it is a rehash of a lot of things I already know and have read from other sources so it wasn't the best book for me. I also think there are other sources which are more in depth on some topics which is really necessary for getting in to some of the important data. I am done reading these popular audience UBI books as I am not the target audience and I am no longer getting anything terribly useful out of them.

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Heart-Shaped Box

30 Oct 2018

I enjoyed all the other Joe Hill books I have read so far, and Heart-Shaped Box is no exception. This was a engaging and actually somewhat scary book. Scary in the sense that it made me think about the possibility of ghosts being around us all the time in a real way.

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The Martian Chronicles

10 Oct 2018

A classic sci-fi (although I think he classified it as fantasy) novel, The Martian Chronicles, is one that has always been on my list but never rose to the top. I learned it was a collection of short stories that were turned into something more of a novel after being put into something of a chronological order.

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The Shock Doctrine

20 Sep 2018

The Shock Doctrine is a book detailing how capitalism has been spread throughout the world on the back of disaster and violence. I was raised and then later trained economically more or less in the Chicago school which is the particular brand of capitalist ideology that Naomi Klein denounces in this book. She clearly writes with a particular perspective on different events and therefore presents certain facts intermixed with her interpretation of their significance. While I don't think she is fundamentally correct on everything, it is eye opening to see what amounts to the completely opposite viewpoint to much of my upbringing.

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The Last Patriot

29 Aug 2018

The Last Patriot is the next installment in the Scot Harvath series after The First Commandment. Not much to say here, the books in this series are my fun, quick reads that I mix in to the heavier stuff. I know they are increasingly out there, but I enjoy them.

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The War on Normal People

25 Aug 2018

I have been thinking about universal basic income (UBI) a lot lately, and luckily enough so have a lot of other people. The New York Times book review had a review of two books about UBI, so I decided to pick up one of them to further my interest. The War on Normal People has a subtitle of "The Truth About America's Disappearing Jobs and Why Universal Basic Income Is Our Future" which made me think it was going to be heavy on the justification for UBI. The book instead is more an argument for why the author thinks "automation" is finally going to hit the economy in the next decade or two and result in so much unemployment that a UBI, among other things, is necessary.

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Flow (again)

20 Aug 2018

I had this book Flow (again) on my Kindle and couldn't remember whether I had read it yet or not, so I decided to read it. Just now as I sat down to write this I realized I coud have checked this blog to find out if I had read it before and lo and behold I read it in 2015. This is somewhat disheartening as while reading it this time I had a lot of profound thoughts about it being meaningful and how I want to change some things, but clearly I had some of these thoughts before and here I am.

Reading Time: 10 minutes

A Brief History of Seven Killings

11 Aug 2018

A Brief History of Seven Killings, winner of the 2015 Man Booker Prize, is a challenging read spanning several decades centered on the attempted assassination of Bob Marley. Each chapter is told from a different point of view, and these points of view vary wildly. A large portion of the book is in Patois which made the reading a struggle at times.

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The Shining

12 Jul 2018

The Shining is yet another Stephen King book that made it on to my list. I have seen the movie more than a few times over my life but never got around to reading the book. I am so glad that I finally did because yet again the book is much more nuanced and, I hate saying it, better than the movie. I don't hate saying it as if I expect the movie to be better, I am just as annoyed as everyone else when someone has to say "oh the book is better" when someone mentions liking a movie. I really enjoyed The Shining the movie, in fact it is one of my favorites because Kubrick is my favorite director and horror is my favorite genre.

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The Danish Way of Parenting

04 Jul 2018

The last in the batch of parenting books that I bought, The Danish Way of Parenting turns to Denmark as a bastion of happiness to explain why the country is so generally happy by placing the blame on their unique parenting style. Obviously the authors don't claim this is the only reason, but it stands to reason that a homogenous country might have developed a relatively homogenous parenting style.

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